Perhaps It's Time You Invest in Physical Gold

Between the 1970s and today, people in the US and the EU seemed to become wealthier than ever. It is common for middle-class families to have several cars, a TV, iPad, or PC in every room, and go on more than one holiday each year. We make ourselves believe that we earned it and deserve it. But do we really?

No, we borrowed about 90 percent of our ‘wealth’, considering that the cash reserve ratio in fractional banking has dropped below 10 percent, and the gold reserves (that were once used to back up our currencies) today are way below 10 percent of GDP globally. The global debt is now over a staggering 49 trillion dollars. 

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Dennis van der Spoel
Let Your Startup Fly

I was asked to speak at the annual BPUG Seminar in Utrecht, the Netherlands. The BPUG is an association of change professionals, such project managers, scrum masters, change managers, portfolio managers, coaches, and facilitators in change. The following is a summary of the presentation I delivered.

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