Dennis van der Spoel



It ain’t about how hard you can hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit, and still keep moving forward.
— Sylvester Stallone (as Rocky Balboa)

As an entrepreneur and business owner, I combine my passions for photography, mother nature, personal growth, change leadership and innovation to find my own purpose in life. I love to get involved in Exponential Organizations and Firms of Endearment following the principles of Conscious Capitalism and The Rhineland Way in the Purpose Economy. I just love to help create Good Karma Companies that really impact the world we live in. This often involves change, both for me and the people I touch. As an avid supporter of Spiral Dynamics, I feel it is my purpose to help people reach the second tier of their personal development. And my life has been a wild ride of failures and successes, and ups and downs; but what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Failures are the bricks in the road to success. As I grow, so do the companies I have founded.


Dennis van der Spoel Consulting

We speed up innovation and increase the impact of your change initiatives.

This is the first company I founded in 1997 under a different name. It became big, almost went broke, came back, was sold twice, merged with another company and was finally refounded independently in 2017. Today we focus successfully on improving the change and innovation capabilities and the performance of projects, programs and portfolios of companies around the globe. We look warily upon contemporaries debating the latest methods and certifications. We feel that purposeful and inclusive leadership in times of uncertainty and change is exponentially more important than the latest management fad. With over 20 years of industry experience in Energy & Utilities, Information Technology, R&D, Logistics, Educational Services, Filmed Entertainment, Financial Services, Pensions & Insurance, Banking, FinTech & Payment Solution Providers, we are at the heart of change and innovation.


Dennis van der Spoel Productions

In this company, founded in 2006 as Dennis van der Spoel Photography, we perform a wide array of services for our sister companies and a few preferred partners, ranging from photographic and film productions to internet based concepts and peer-2-peer platforms, from small-scale seminars and individual coaching to classroom training and large-scale business events. There's no big permanent staff since we are a huge fan of the entrepreneurial smart creatives in our network. Themes include:

  • wellness, fashion, beauty & glamour
  • preservation of nature & wildlife
  • wealth, health & personal growth
  • photography & modelling
  • business & management
  • project, program, portfolio & change management

Dennis van der Spoel Transitions

We take point in transitioning to a new business model and inclusive culture.

This is a global interim management company that specializes in change, transition and innovation. We are realizing challenging and high impact assignments where we are the catalyst and unifying factor when effectively transforming organizations into stakeholder oriented communities. We emerged in 2017 as an independent company from a joint-venture that was founded in 2013.

Our purpose is to improve the quality of life worldwide by:

  • Leading the change (Interim Management);
  • Educating and supporting your change sponsors, change agents, change managers, and champions and advocates of change in turning companies into endearing and successful communities;
  • Matching talent to assignments;
  • Support assignments with tools for collaboration, assessment & learning. 

In everything we do we believe in co-creation, the multiplier effect and talent development. Our approach is engaging, opinionated, pragmatic, and inspiring. It is characterized by applying strategic focus on business innovation. 



To start and scale a prosperous company is a major challenge. Especially if you have not done this before and reality doesn't stick to the plan. That is when you could use some good advice and a wider network of talent, expertise and investors. Preferably someone who speaks your language and can draw from personal experience.

Ukukhula can offer you this. Ukukhula means "growth" in Zulu. The mission of Ukukhula is to grow entrepreneurs; mentally, spiritually and financially.

We focus on start-ups and scale-ups in exponential technology sectors, such as web-based platforms, e-learning, infinite computing, sensors and networks, 3-D printing, nanomaterials and nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, robotics, water and sanitation, genetics and synthetic biology. But any entrepreneur with a great sense of purpose may join. 

Ukukhula differs from incubators and accelerators in the sense that we focus on the personal growth of the founders and their families rather than incubating the idea or scaling the business. We create founder teams that are able to incubate any idea and scale any business.

Because of this very personal and intimate approach, our services are primarily directed at the benelux.


Dennis van der Spoel Coaching & Training

This website is dedicated to me as a speaker, trainer, and coach. Since 1989 I have been uncovering success factors in change, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Some of these success factors come down to knowledge and skills. But most of it has to do with mindset, attitude, and character. As a speaker, trainer, and coach I share these insights on a daily basis with clients and audiences across the world. So far, my discoveries have touched and influenced the lives of millions.

On behalf of my coaching company, I provide 1-on-1 coaching to senior executives and established entrepreneurs. I only take on 3 clients a year, so this is very exclusive. I charge € 197000 for this VIP annual coaching package. If this is for you, please reach out to me via our contact page.

On behalf of my training company, I have developed various training programs for which I am also the lead trainer. Our signature programs are:

More informations about these programs can be obtained through the menu at the top of this page.

For Dutch corporates looking to speed up innovation and create more impact, I have launched Grandesco. While originally founded to elevate humanity and achieve singularity through free university grade education and research, we decided to take one step at a time with this concept. This is the first step.